Why Photographers Want To Be The Only One Taking Formal Pictures

Bride Formal Spot ColorYou’ve all seen the contracts where the photographer specifies that they are to be the ONLY photographer taking pictures at the wedding. While I don’t mind during the reception, there are times when other photographers can really hinder a professional photographer’s work.

I don’t have a problem with others taking pictures during the ceremony so long as they don’t jump in front of me or push me. Yes, I have been pushed down a flight of stairs by a guest wanting a picture on her cell phone of the first kiss. As a result, I was unable to photograph the first kiss and luckily was able to re-stage the photograph (sometimes this is not possible due to venue time constraints).

But other people taking pictures during the formal photo session really creates many problems for professional wedding photographers. First, it slows things down and cuts into the amount of time scheduled. Second, you have people being photographed looking in multiple directions so no one gets a good photograph. Third, and most importantly, multiple flashes can overexpose the professional photographer’s image. We had this situation at the last wedding we photographed. I suggested a picture with the bride getting kissed on the cheek by the ring bearer. His mother wanted this picture as well and stepped in front of my second photographer and her flash went off at the same time as mine, resulting in an overexposed picture. Unfortunately the ring bearer was ready to leave and ran off before a second shot could be taken. As a result the bride will not have this photograph.

I am not trying to be egotistical when I put into my contracts that I want to be the only photographer, I am trying to protect the bride and groom. They invest good money purchasing the services of a professional wedding photographer and I am simply protecting their investment.