Affordable Wedding vs. Cheap Wedding Part 2

In part 1 of this blog posting we discussed several generalities (setting a budget, not purchasing anything until you have a general idea of what everything costs, cutting your guest list, etc.) to save you money on your wedding making it affordable, but not cheap. My goal with this blog is to save you money, but without making your wedding look cheap. Here are a few ways to save you money without compromising quality.

VenuesAltamonte Chapel

This can be one of the most expensive portions of the wedding depending on your venue. One way to save some money is to have your wedding in a church. Churches are very inexpensive and there are some beautiful ones in Central Florida. Another way to save money if you don’t want to get married in a church is to book your wedding on a weekday. Many venues offer cheaper rates for booking on weekdays.


Some venues require you to use their catering, so check ahead before hiring a caterer that you cannot use. Some foods, like flowers, have their prices vary depending on the season. For instance, strawberries are not in season July through September so you will pay a lot more for strawberries during those months. Stone Crab is harvested from mid-October to mid-May, so those months would have the best prices.

PhotographyFirst Kiss

If you want a good photographer, but need to keep your expenses down, try to reduce the number of hours (only cover ceremony, formals, and part of the reception).


This is a huge expense. If you need to save some money then get rid of the alcohol. Even having a cash bar would save a lot of money if you can’t bear to get rid of the alcohol.

FlowersBridal Bouquet

Buy seasonal flowers! If you purchase flowers for your wedding that are in season you pay MUCH less than what you would pay for flowers not in season. Check out our blog post listed below to see a breakdown of flowers per season.


A lot of tuxedo rental companies offer a free groom’s tux rental if his groomsmen rent theirs at the same company.


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