All You Need to Know About Wedding Save the Dates

A frequent topic in bride forums is Save the Dates. Brides want to know when to send them, do you have to use a picture, do you need to send them to everyone, and much more. Go no further, your answers are here!

When do I mail my wedding Save the Dates?

Typically you send out Save the Dates around six months out from your wedding date. If your wedding location is a destination wedding/cruise wedding you may want to send them eight to twelve months out so that your guests can put aside the money they would need to attend since these types of weddings will cost your guests more money out of pocket than guests would normally spend on attending a wedding.

Do I need to send them to everyone?

You should send them to all of your out-of-town guests that you want to attend your wedding. Also occasionally guests’ feelings are hurt when they find out that you mailed your save the date to someone else and not them. Be sure to keep this in mind when you send them out.

When do we need to take our picture for the save the dates?

I would recommend taking your picture for the save the date two months prior to when you want to mail them out to make sure you get them in the mail on time. This gives your photographer time to edit your images from your photo session and for you to pick the one(s) you want to use. Then you need to have them printed and delivered to you. Then you have to get them all into envelopes and address them. Finally you need to get them mailed. All this start to finish usually takes about 2 months.

Do you need to have a picture on your save the date?

No. Pictures make them much more personal and special though. However no picture is much better than a bad picture or a  really out of date picture. Most people use a professional engagement photograph on their save the date.

What types of save the dates are available?

Tons! You can do postcard style, greeting card style, magnets, photo strips and much more. Under each of these types there are also many variations that you can choose from. With postcards and greeting cards, you can change the sizes you want to use. With magnets, you can get them in many different shapes and designs or use more than one photograph.

Why do I need save the dates? I’m getting invitations.

The main purpose of the save the date is to give advance notice to out of town guests so they have time to prepare.  Younger couples especially like save the dates because they are more informal and allow the bride and groom to show more of their personalities than a formal invitation.

Just one last thing, when sending out your save the dates don’t forget to put aside one for yourself as a wedding keepsake!