Bride’s Wedding Day Emergency Kit

So many times I hear a bride with some sort of a problem on their wedding day – make up on their dress, hair falling down, air conditioning not turned on early enough in the dressing room so it is hot, etc. Over the years I have come up with a list of things brides should bring with them on their wedding day in an emergency kit.

headache and allergy over the counter medicines

bottled water

sewing kit

snacks (for bridal party while getting ready, especially the kids – just be sure it’s not messy or could stain clothes if spilled)

clear nail polish (great for stopping runs in nylons)

bug repellent (especially for outdoor weddings)

bobby pins/safety pins (for last minute hair and dress fixes)

eye drops

spare pen

hair ties

spare lighters (for unity candles)

spare wedding music cd’s (for ceremony & reception)


feminine products


small door stops (keep from getting locked out of rooms that automatically lock when closed that you don’t have a key for)




spare pair of shoes (in case you break a heel or shoes are too tight and start to hurt your feet)