Lauren’s Portrait Session

Woods PortraitYou may remember a few weeks ago we talked about Lauren’s first portrait session. Today we shot her second portrait session and she brought along make-up artist Linda Lee Jaunese.

We went back to the woods for more portraits and as it turns out the Gator Habitat sign was dead on as a gator swam by for a closer look. When we got to the lake, we focused on portraits near the rocks. Afterward we headed to Christopher’s Inn Bed & Breakfast for a few shots before wrapping up at two different sets of railroad tracks.

Here’s a few quick shots from her session. Click on the images to see larger versions.

Photography: Any Occasion Photography

Make-Up: Linda Lee Jaunese

Face Mask PortraitLakeside PortraitRailroad Tracks PortraitCar Mural Portrait






  1. The colors pop! Beautiful!

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