Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom Sepia FormalSelecting a wedding photographer is very important. After the music has stopped playing, the guests have left, the honeymoon is over there is still one thing left to remember your wedding day – your photographs! So don’t trust them to just anyone. Here are a few questions to ask your wedding photographer (and our responses).

Do you require a wedding photography contract?
AOP: Yes! A contract that spells out all the details protects both you and the photographer. Everyone knows what to expect so there are no surprises. It is ALWAYS best to put an agreement in writing.

Can I see one or two entire weddings that you’ve photographed?
AOP: Of course! It’s easy to just pick a few great images from each wedding and put those together on a website. If you look at an entire wedding, this will give you an idea about the style of the wedding photographer you’re looking to work with.  Just go to  and you can see samples of entire weddings we have photographed.

When will my wedding photos be ready?
AOP: Your wedding CDs are typically ready 2 weeks after your wedding day. Occasionally it can take 3 weeks.

Do I get my wedding photos as high-resolution files? Can I make prints from those files?
AOP: Yes to both questions! All of our wedding photography packages include high resolution CDs and reproduction/duplication rights. This means that you can print the photos on the CDs anywhere you want.

Do you have a backup plan should you become ill?
AOP: Yes! My contract states that I will do anything within my power to find a replacement wedding photographer should I suddenly become too sick to photograph your wedding. We typically send 2 photographers to cover every wedding. This way should one become ill there is still the other scheduled. In 8 years we have never had to use a substitute photographer. If the need should ever arise, we know several good photographers that could fill in.

Do you have back up equipment?
AOP: Yes, yes, and yes! Always. We always bring at least 3 cameras and backup flashes. We also bring extra batteries for all cameras and flashes, as well as backup compact flash cards. Like the boy scouts, we are always prepared!

Do you edit your images?
AOP: Yes! Your photos are each hand edited to be the best it can be! Your photos start out great, then we’ll work our magic to make them even better. Your wedding photos will look their absolute best. We call these edited photos – finished. Because they have had the finishing touches put on them.

Will you provide additional time if requested?
AOP: Yes! Additional time can be purchased at $100 per additional hour needed.

How many years of experience do you have?
AOP: We have been in business for 8 years. Our main photographer has been photographing professionally for 19 years, 13 of those included wedding photography.

What makes you different from other photographers?
AOP: Our photographs stand out from the rest as we constantly try new things to stay fresh and on the cutting edge. We also provide traditional images that are timeless so your wedding photographs will always look appealing as popular styles and poses are constantly changing.

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