Seeing Each Other Before The Ceremony? Part 2

In an earlier blog, I explained the origins of the tradition of the bride and groom seeing Before The Ceremonyeach other before the ceremony. Sometimes a bride or groom wants to dismiss this tradition, but the other still wants to hold onto the tradition. What do you do then? Well, having been married 13 years myself, I can tell you that one of the keys to a successful marriage is compromise. So how about starting the compromises on your wedding day?

A Compromise on Tradition:

Bianca Palmer, a North Carolina wedding photographer, has a great idea for a compromise that she has seen used by several of her past brides. The couple can talk to one another on either side of an open door, but out of the other’s range of sight. This way they can talk to each other, hold hands or exchange cards and gifts. This would allow the bride and groom to share a special moment together before the ceremony, but still follow the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony.

Don’t Want to Risk Accidentally Seeing Each Other?

Maybe the compromise suggested above sounds good to you, but you’re afraid of accidentally catching a glimpse of each other, but you still want to share a moment together before your wedding. I have a few suggestions that could work for you! You could write each other a note either on your wedding day or the day before and have one of your attendants deliver them while you are getting ready. Many brides and grooms call each other on the cell phone and chat while they are getting ready. This way you can hear each other’s voices. Once a groom recorded himself singing “their song” and snuck it into her getting ready bag.

It’s really up to you! It is your wedding day so do what you want!

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