Sunset Weddings

Do you want a sunset wedding? If so you must plan carefully and be willing and able to stick to a tight schedule. Many times brides ask about a sunset wedding or sunset during their formal images.

They can be done, but you need to plan ahead. First make sure you take into account Daylight Savings Time and make sure that will not affect your pictures. This only affects a few people, but you don’t want to be the one.

Next visit your venue when sunset will occur. See what area you can view the sunset from. Not all ceremony sites will be set up where the sunset will be behind where you will be performing your ceremony.

Finally see what time sunset will occur and start your ceremony at least a half an hour before sunset will start. You will also need to make sure your ceremony starts on time otherwise you will miss the sunset.

If you want the sunset during your ceremony and you also want outdoor formal portraits, you will want to do the portraits before your ceremony so there is enough light.

Sunset Bride and Groom Formal