The Importance of Having a Back Up

You may have noticed a gap in my blogs. Well, my WordPress blog encountered an unforeseen technical difficulty and I lost all of my blogs. I was able to find some of them cached on Google and could simply copy and paste them into my new WordPress blog, but some were not cached and I’ll have to write them over again as time permits.

I’m a firm believer in backing up everything. My web page, my images, my contracts…but I never thought to back up my blogs. I sure do now!

As a wedding photographer, I use back ups ALL the time. When I photograph a wedding, I always schedule a second photographer to go with me. My second photographer is a safety net in case of a problem. You never know when someone will walk in front of the camera or knock the photographer over. Yes, I’ve had these happen before and much more.

My back ups don’t stop there. I also bring back up equipment to every photo shoot. Back ups all around – camera batteries, flash batteries, extra compact flash cards, extra camera, extra flash, battery chargers, extra lenses and the list goes on. As the boy scout motto goes: Be Prepared. The boy scouts have nothing on me!

That’s not the end of my back up system. I also back up all of my images. First the images are immediately copied to the editing computer and to a back up external hard drive. Once the images have been edited they are then copied into a new folder on the external hard drive and uploaded to our ordering website. They are also still on our primary editing computer. That means your images are stored in at least three different places.

We are also a back up system for you! We keep your images on file for at least two years, with some as long as seven or eight. So if something happens to your images we can help!