Twisted Fairy Tales

Twisted Fairy Tales was a stylized shoot that several models and photographers came up with. Basically it was the dark side of the Fairy Tales that you see in the Disney movies, but much closer to what the Grimm brothers had in mind when they wrote their fairy tales. Slap together make up, good props and creative models and you get Twisted Fairy Tales.

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Twisted Fairy Tales

Emma Whiting, Dan Whiting, Harmony Bruce, Rebekah Miller, Stathis Papadopoulos, Chris Brooks, Courtney Haugh, Kasey Kasket & Mandy Eanes show their versions of famous fairy tale characters.

Just a Trim

Tinkerbell (Emma Whiting) gets a trim from Edward Scissorhands (Dan Whiting).

The Siren Beckons

The siren (Mandy Eanes) beckons you.

Dark Alice

The darker side of Alice (Rebekah Miller).

Slash Mad Hatter

The Slash Mad Hatter (Stathis Papadopoulos) taking a break.