Wedding Contracts

A common complaint I hear on many bride forums these days is about wedding contracts. Brides seem reluctant to sign a contract with vendors. I have to admit that this puzzles me. A well written contract protects the wedding vendor AND the bride. Contracts are designed to spell out what is expected from both the vendor and the bride. This way both know what to expect and neither is surprised down the line.

Some contracts can be very hard to understand with all the “legalese” that is necessary, so if you don’t understand please ask for clarification or explanation before signing. I am always happy to answer questions about my contracts – better to answer the questions now than possibly have a misunderstanding later. If you are not comfortable with the contract ask to discuss it with the vendor (once again, before signing).

Always make sure to get a copy for yourself and file it with your wedding planning materials. This way you can check and read over it if you have any questions in the future.

Common Terms/Phrases in Contracts

Exclusive –  This means that they are the ONLY person you will use for this service.

Retainer – An amount of money put down to retain/book the vendor’s services. These are usually non-refundable.

Balance – The remaining portion of your payment that is due to the vendor after a retainer or deposit has been made.

Act of God – This refers to a natural disaster or something outside of the vendor’s control – hurricane, lightning, flood, building collapse, etc.