Babes, Bad Boys, Booze and Billiards

1920s SilhouetteMy friend Evelyn had an idea for a different kind of 1920s photo shoot. 1920s photo shoots are really popular right now. I had already done a few and had more scheduled. “So what’s different about your idea?” I asked. Evelyn told me she wanted to do a 1920s photo shoot in a bar with a pool hall.

Nobody had gone in that direction with their shoots, so the idea was intriguing and I signed up for the shoot. The Eternal Tap is located in downtown Orlando in Church Street Station right by the railroad tracks.

The models brought with them many different looks, changing things up with clothing changes, props, wigs and accessories. The possibilities were endless. Here are just a few images from this photo shoot.

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1920s gangster familyGangster Bonnie and ClydeEvelyn and the guys1920s ladies at the barJust a quick kiss