Bonnie and Clyde Photo Shoot

Bonnie with cigarI’ve always wanted to do a Bonnie and Clyde inspired photo shoot. One day when talking with my best friend about photo shoots I’ve always wanted to do, Bonnie and Clyde came up. She asked why I hadn’t done it and I explained that I never found a setting that I liked.

Ironically enough her father was restoring a vintage car that was very similar to the car frequently seen in historic Bonnie and Clyde photographs. When restoration was finished they contacted me to see if I wanted to use it. I immediately agreed and set up a series of photo shoots around the car including Bonnie and Clyde. Evelyn Santiago and Michael Richartz portray Bonnie and Clyde.

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Bonnie and Clyde close upClydeBonnie with gunBonnie and Clyde