Great Gatsby Inspired Photo Shoot

Marina Great Gatsby modeling portraitWith The Great Gatsby movie release date coming up, we decided to do a Great Gatsby inspired photo shoot. Models dressed in their best 1920s clothing and the ladies styled their hair in 1920s styles.

The photo shoot took place in a park. While we were shooting an older couple walked by and paused to look at the models. He leaned in toward her and commented, “I remember those days.” She looked back at him and replied, “So do I” with love in her eyes. It was so nice to have been able to bring that couple back to their youth. I love capturing emotion in my photographs, but I love even more being able to bring back memories that recapture the love that people have for each other. While I didn’t photograph this couple, I was able to help them remember their love for each other. I love my job!!!

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