Artistic, Photojournalistic, and Candid Wedding Photography

People often ask what are the differences between some of the wedding photography styles. While almost everyone understands traditional wedding photography, we want you to know what some of the other popular styles are. We have come up with a quick guide for you to refer to, so you know what someone means when they say...

Artistic Wedding Photography

Artistic photography is best used when focusing on an important part of an image. For instance, taking a picture with a bride in front of a staircase. The photographer can take the bride and keep her in color, but change the staircase to black and white. This makes the bride stand out.

Another form of artistic photography that we like to use is to make the entire photograph into a sepia tone. Sepia tone photography is when the photograph looks similar to an antique photograph.

Artistic photographs should be used sparingly in a wedding album because if you use too many the album looks jumbled and all the pictures fight to be the focal point. Your eye doesn't know what to look at first. Use artistic photography on pictures that are important to you.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Some people confuse artistic photography with photojournalistic photography. Photojournalistic photography focuses on catching the action and should not used posed pictures. A true photojournalist will not pose pictures but focus on documenting the wedding.

Many people try to pass off poor pictures as photojournalistic, such as pictures with poor lighting, that are very out of focus, or staged action shots of brides and grooms doing crazy things. This is not photojournalism. The pictures should be good quality no matter what the style is.

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is similar to photojournalistic photography in that the goal of each style is to capture the action around them. The main difference is that photojournalistic photography deals mostly with the bride and the groom, but candid photography includes the bride and the groom but also focuses on capturing much more.

Candid photographs are not staged or set-up. The photographer relies on what the people around him or her do. Candid pictures can include a bride whispering something to her husband, small children dancing, people hugging, etc.

The key to getting good candid pictures is for the photographer to try to remain as unnoticed as possible and to blend into the background.

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