Why Photographers Should Use A Shot List

bride and groom kissing under a veilWhat is a Shot List?

A shot list is a list of photographs that a bride would like her photographer to take at her wedding.

Shot lists include the basic shots that occur at almost every wedding, such as: walking down the aisle, exchanging the rings, the kiss, the bouquet toss, formal pictures of the bride, groom and wedding party, cutting and feeding each other the cake, etc. A good shot list should also include a selection of wedding pictures that the bride would like that may not be normally taken.

Reasons to use a Shot List

Shot lists ensure that every important moment is captured. So many pictures are taken that it is extremely easy to forget one if you don't have a list.

A list also speeds up the formal pictures because the bride has already decided the group pictures she wants taken. You can make sure you have them organized so that you can go down the line until you have taken all the group pictures.

How we use our Shot List

We have a sample shot list of pictures that we are requested at most weddings. We present it to the brides prior to their wedding and allow them to cross off pictures they do not want and add ones that they would like that are not on the list.

We take the list with us to each wedding, even if the bride didn't return one to us. We just use our normal one in that case. Then as the wedding goes on, we check off the pictures as they are taken to make sure we don't miss one.

What about Candid Moments

Shot lists ensure that we have taken all of the important pictures and give us the freedom to take the candid moments which allows us to showcase the whole wedding in a way that just formal photos cannot.


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