School Photography - Class Photos

School Class Photo SampleClass photos are common to every school, but that does not mean your photo has to look like every other photo. At Any Occasion Photography, we like to provide several different options in producing the class photo.

In addition to the standard group photo, we also provide the option to create a class composite based upon each student's individual photo. This increases the chances of each child being able to look their best. Likewise, if a student is absent, they may be still be included if they are photographed on the photo make-up day. Students' names may or may not be included to protect their privacy, depending upon your school's preference.

We can also customize your school's class portraits by using different backgrounds such as a chalk board, lined paper (shown), or a watermark photo of the school. We will also include the school name (your school's logo can often be used), teacher's name, as well as the school year that the photo was taken.

So contact Any Occasion Photography today to find out how we can help you with your school's photography needs.

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