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Putting Your Business Online

If you have a small business and you are looking to put your business online or expand your online exposure, then Putting Your Business Online is for you! The book is very affordable, really easy to understand and walks you through how to do it on your own.

Each chapter is broken down into a specific topic, the pros and cons are weighed to give you the best feeling for what is needed for your business, a simple guide that usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Follow these steps and you will have your business online in what seems like no time at all.

Purchase the book here: .



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Why Brides Should Pick Established Wedding Professionals

Just today I was heard from several venues and wedding planners about how a local one-stop shop wedding vendor closed its doors and left its brides in a lurch with no services and no refunds. Sadly this is happening more and more the past year. Newer vendors are trying to bring in new business by charging ridiculously low prices and then wind up closing their doors when they realize that they didn’t bring in enough money to cover their expenses.

I always encourage my brides to thoroughly research their vendors before booking anyone. Price shouldn’t be your only factor when selecting vendors. In fact, when I was growing up, my parents always said that if something looked too good to be true then it probably was. If a vendor is charging way lower than most vendors there is probably a reason – find out why.

See if they have an up-to-date business license. Make sure they are legally operating in your area. If they’re not, then they are more likely to just close the business when their business is not profitable. They cut and run. Make sure you have a signed contract with them and read it before signing. If you have questions – ASK!! I never mind answering questions for my brides and grooms. I want them to know what they are signing, then there are no questions down the line.

Weddings are VERY different than any other event. There is so much more that goes into weddings. Things are much quicker paced and they have to be done right. You don’t want to be the guinea pig. Ask your vendor how much WEDDING experience do they have. Not just the company, but who you will be working with. If you vendor is operating by themself, ask how many weddings have they done by themself. Working as a team versus as an individual is very different. You have to be more efficient and better organized with your time and talent.

Established wedding professionals know when things are not running smoothly and also know from experience how to fix them before little problems become big problems. For instance, I had a bride who wanted a sunset wedding. She miscalculated the time and the sun set before she even walked down the aisle. I realized this and had already adjusted for the darkness of the ceremony so the pictures came out perfectly. A newer photographer may not have noticed quickly enough and adjusted resulting in a lower quality and darker image due to the low light.

I could tell you horror story after horror story about brides and grooms using inexperienced wedding vendors (cakes falling without anyone touching them, bouquets falling apart/wilting before the ceremony, not charging batteries before the wedding and having them die, etc.). A person wanting to get into the wedding business should first work with someone else who has experience until they are ready to go out on their own. I recommend at least 20 weddings before going solo.

Vendors get better with each wedding they work. I have seen this over and over throughout the years. With photographers they know how to light areas better, deal with low light better and pose better. People always say the camera puts on 5 pounds. It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer. The right angle can actually make you look slimmer and who doesn’t want that, right?

Experience can make or break your wedding. Brides and grooms spend thousands of dollars on their wedding. Choose vendors that are worth what you are spending and get the most out of your money and relax knowing they’ve got your back.

Bride and groom formal

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Welcome to the World of Steampunk!

I’ve always heard of steampunk and had even seen some pictures, so when the opportunity Steampunk Vendor 2to photograph at a steampunk show came along I had to take it. In case you don’t know what steampunk is, I’ll give you a little bit of information on its background.

Steampunk is a genre that incorporates clothing, accessories (lots of metal) and uniquely designed vehicles. It developed from steampunk fiction, Victorian fiction, and movies (Waterworld, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and many more). It’s really quite interesting.

I ventured out for my first adventure into the world of steampunk. Unfortunately during the time I was there only the vendors at the show were costumed due to the extreme heat. However, their costumes were amazing! There were also many types vehicles there (both large and small) including The Time Machine and The Airship Diamler.

I look forward to my next adventure. Click the link below to see photographs of my adventure.

The Airship Diamler

steampunk vendors

The Time Machine


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Bonnie and Clyde Photo Shoot

Bonnie with cigarI’ve always wanted to do a Bonnie and Clyde inspired photo shoot. One day when talking with my best friend about photo shoots I’ve always wanted to do, Bonnie and Clyde came up. She asked why I hadn’t done it and I explained that I never found a setting that I liked.

Ironically enough her father was restoring a vintage car that was very similar to the car frequently seen in historic Bonnie and Clyde photographs. When restoration was finished they contacted me to see if I wanted to use it. I immediately agreed and set up a series of photo shoots around the car including Bonnie and Clyde. Evelyn Santiago and Michael Richartz portray Bonnie and Clyde.

See more images from this photo session at: .

Bonnie and Clyde close upClydeBonnie with gunBonnie and Clyde

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Babes, Bad Boys, Booze and Billiards

1920s SilhouetteMy friend Evelyn had an idea for a different kind of 1920s photo shoot. 1920s photo shoots are really popular right now. I had already done a few and had more scheduled. “So what’s different about your idea?” I asked. Evelyn told me she wanted to do a 1920s photo shoot in a bar with a pool hall.

Nobody had gone in that direction with their shoots, so the idea was intriguing and I signed up for the shoot. The Eternal Tap is located in downtown Orlando in Church Street Station right by the railroad tracks.

The models brought with them many different looks, changing things up with clothing changes, props, wigs and accessories. The possibilities were endless. Here are just a few images from this photo shoot.

You can see more at: .

1920s gangster familyGangster Bonnie and ClydeEvelyn and the guys1920s ladies at the barJust a quick kiss

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Disney Inspired Photo Shoot

Alice in WonderlandI have loved Disney ever since I was a little girl. My family has had passes for over 20 years and I have many fond memories of going to Disney. As a child I saw almost every Disney film ever made.

This photo session combines my love for photography and my love of all things Disney. Since many Disney movies occur outdoors, an outdoor setting was perfect for this photo shoot.

To see more photographs from this photo session, go to: .

Belle and Prince AdamSnow White and the QueenDisney PrincessesDisney FairiesRapunzel and Flynn

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Gangster and Pin Ups Photo Shoot

1920s modelGangsters and pin ups? What do they have in common? They were popular during the 1920s-1950s. The look of our locations also were settings that really worked with both themes so why not combine them and save some travel time.

At this group photo session we photographed in beautiful Winter Garden and took many photographs at the Edgewater Hotel, which originally opened in 1927. It was like walking into history. The hotel has been restored and has a 1920s feel, including an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and barbershop. Thank you so much for the usage of your amazing hotel! We really enjoyed photographing in an authentic setting.

See more photographs from this photo session at: .

1920s ice cream parlor1930s model1920s gangsters1920s models

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Trash the Dress Session

Trash the Dress 1What do you do with your wedding dress after the wedding? Some brides still save their dress for their daughter to wear at her wedding. Many decide to get more usage out of their dress saying why pay so much for a dress and only wear it once. Thus trash the dress photo shoots were formed. Unlike the name, not all trash the dress sessions actually involve ruining the dress. It just means photographing the bride in her dress in unusual settings without having to be careful to not mess up the dress.

Originally trash the dress sessions used to take place shortly after the wedding, however it is becoming much more common for brides to do trash the dress sessions years after their wedding.

Any Occasion Photography offers affordable and creative trash the dress sessions. Contact us today to set up your session.

More photos from this trash the dress session can be viewed at: .

Trash the Dress 2Trash the Dress 3Trash the Dress 4Trash the Dress 5

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Katie Saria from MTV Show Buckwild Photo Session

Katie Saria Buckwild Train TracksWhile on a break from filming MTV’s reality show Buckwild, Katie Saria decided she wanted to try modeling. She wanted to go with a country girl theme.

The morning of the photo shoot came and it was in the high 30′s when you factored in the wind chill. That’s really cold for Florida! Katie was quite the trooper! We traveled all over Mount Dora – train tracks, lakeside, docks and fields. We were joined by make up artist team of Jessie Yarborough& Rolando Rivera, as well as a videographer, Kenneth Moten.

To see more photographs from this session, go to: .

Katie Saria Buckwild FieldKatie Saria Buckwild LakesideKatie Saria Buckwild Field 2Katie Saria Buckwild Train Tracks 2

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Trees & Trains Modeling Session

I’m always on the lookout for new and unique places for my photo sessions. When trying Lauren Train Tracksout a new place, I typically bring in a model to “test the location.” One of my favorites is Lauren McCoy Wirick.

Having a photo session this weekend with Katie from MTV’s Buckwild, I wanted to pre-scout all of our locations as there would be many people accompanying us on the shoot and I wanted to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Our location test was a huge success! See samples from our photo session here: .

Waiting for the TrainLauren Train Tracks SittingTrain Station BenchLauren in a TreeBy the Train Tracks

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