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Speed of Light Workshop

As a photographer, I am always looking for ways to better my craft. One area I’m always Lighting Workshop 1looking at ways to improve or new techniques to try is lighting. Plus who could pass up the opportunity to work with models posing with such beautiful vehicles at night!

Thank you to all the vendors and individuals who helped make this workshop possible: Ricky Serrano, Jennifer Soltren, Ashley Reid Razo, Fields BMW South Orlando, Fields Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Florida, Marigold Scott, Carlos Vazquez, Jennifer Ivelisse Albino, Emelly Joe, Jaren Leatherman, Lily Le Roi, Matt Judson, Sarah Mariana Soltren, Mix On Wheels, Love is Sweet Desserts, All Skewed Up, Treasure Treats and Coffee Urge.

To see photos I took at the workshop check out my album at: .

Lighting workshop 2Lighting workshop 3Lighting workshop 4Lighting workshop 5

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Rebekah and Stathis

Woods Wedding FormalEach couple is unique. Good photographs capture both the uniqueness and personality of the subjects. I like to give basic instructions and then stand back and watch the interactions of my couples, kinda like a fly on the wall. Most of the time they forget I’m there and that is when the magic happens. Personalities and emotions shine through.

I don’t rush my photo sessions. I like relaxed couples who have fun with each other. I keep my photo sessions light and allow my subjects to give as much or as little input to their session as they want.

Rebekah and Stathis are pretty much the most laid back couple I have ever worked with. They enjoy each others company and you just need to be with them for five minutes and it’s like you’re family.

To see more photos from this session, go to: .

Bekah Stathis 1Bekah Stathis 2Batman ShoesBekah Stathis 3

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February Formals Photo Shoot

Formal Portrait 1February is the perfect time of year for an outdoor formal session. In Florida it is HOT most of the year and formal clothing can be sweltering during an outdoor photo session.

The weather was fantastic for this early morning photo session. I also had the opportunity to work with several models that I did not have the pleasure of working with before. I look forward to hopefully working with them again soon.

To see additional images from this photo shoot, go to: .


Formal Portrait 2Formal Portrait 3Formal Portrait 4Formal Portrait 5

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Victoria and Dennis

Today I had the pleasure of photographing Victoria and Dennis. They had such easy going attitudes and were a blast to work with. No matter how crazy the suggestion was, they quickly set out to give it a try. I like to incorporate personalities in my photographs. I asked them to walk down the hallway and pretend I wasn’t there. To get them to loosen up I told Dennis to tell Victoria a joke. Here’s the result.

To see the rest of Dennis and Victoria’s photo session, check out their album at: .

Victoria and Dennis 1Victoria and Dennis 2Victoria and Dennis 4

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Great Gatsby Inspired Photo Shoot

Marina Great Gatsby modeling portraitWith The Great Gatsby movie release date coming up, we decided to do a Great Gatsby inspired photo shoot. Models dressed in their best 1920s clothing and the ladies styled their hair in 1920s styles.

The photo shoot took place in a park. While we were shooting an older couple walked by and paused to look at the models. He leaned in toward her and commented, “I remember those days.” She looked back at him and replied, “So do I” with love in her eyes. It was so nice to have been able to bring that couple back to their youth. I love capturing emotion in my photographs, but I love even more being able to bring back memories that recapture the love that people have for each other. While I didn’t photograph this couple, I was able to help them remember their love for each other. I love my job!!!

To see more images from this photo session, go to: .

Emily Anne Great Gatsby portraitI've only got eyes for youGreat Gatsby cousinsSklyar Great Gatsby model portraitGreat Gatsby modelsGreat Gatsby womenGreat Gatsby ladies

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Dia De Los Muertos Photo Shoot

Dia De Los Muertos make up half faceDia De Los Muertos is Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses family and friends remembering friends and family members who have died. There are festivals and parades, and, at the end of the day, people gather at cemeteries and pray for their dead loved ones. Dia De Los Muertos model skeleton

On January 27, I was joined by 20 models for a Dia De Los Muertos photo shoot. This was the largest photo shoot I have ever participated in. The costumes and make-up were amazing. There were six make-up artists and hair stylists involved in the shoot: Lilmonsta ITattoo, Christina Ayers, Telika Baker, Deborah Ash Mazany, Stephanie Lee and Nicole Visco.

I had so many amazing photographs that I had to put them into three different folders. You can see them here:

Dia De Los Muertos model with balloonsDia De Los Muertos Models on BenchDia De Los Muertos Models Peeking Through BannerDia De Los Muertos Bride and GroomDia De Los Muertos CoupleAll the Dia De Los Muertos Models


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Photo Session Leads to Book Cover for Lauren

I just got a message from author Kathleen Foley. ” THANK YOU SO MUCH! for having shot the amazing photos of Lauren that you did! I have been captivated by the way you managed to capture Lauren’s joy and her personality in her photos, and it was this particular ability that caused me to select her to grace the cover of my next novel. Tracy – you’ve got a God given talent, and I am looking forward to seeing more of your work!” Kathleen selected Lauren McCoy Wirick from a photograph we took of her back in June. Congratulations Lauren! Here’s the image Lauren submitted. See more from this photo session at: .
Cowgirl bride in field
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Mackey Family Portraits

December 18, in honor of the children who lost their lives in the Newtown shooting, I gave Mackey Family Portrait 1away a 30 min. family portrait session to the first family that asked for the photo shoot because I feel that photographs are very important. The Mackey Family was the first to reply.

Just a few months prior, I photographed the Mackeys wedding. It was a pleasure photographing them again, this time with their son. The photo session took place a Cranes Roost, one of my favorite places to photograph.

To see more photographs from this session, please visit: .

Mackey Family 2Mackey Family 3Mackey Family 4

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Mad Scientist Photo Shoot

What could be more fun than a photo shoot about mad scientists and their creations? powerpuff girlsGuests included: Dr. Frankenstein (and his nurse) and his monster, Hannibal Lecter, the Professor with his Powerpuff Girls, a mad baker and a mermaid.

Make-up artist Christopher Garcia lent his remarkable talent in creating several amazing effects. Combining several amazing props with the incredible make-up and costumes makes for an usual and fun photo shoot.

To see more images from this photo shoot, please go to: .

mad bakerFrankenstein MonsterHannibal LecterMad Scientist Doctor Frankenstein

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2012 Christmas Photo Cards

Tired of the same old Christmas cards? Try something different this year – photo greeting cards! Check out our Christmas Special for $100, which includes a 30 minute family photo session and a CD with your favorite images.

Christmas Special:

  • 30 minute outdoor photo session*
  • 50 of our 6×7 1/2 inch greeting cards with envelopes
  • CD with your 5 favorite images

Contact us today at tracy@anyoccasionphotography or 407-538-7447 to take advantage of this special!

*Locations include Cranes Roost Park, Palm Island Park, Kraft Azalea Park, Lake Eola and Dixon Azalea Park.

Christmas Photo Card

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